About Us

Welcome to Bynes Transcipt and Typing Services, your number one source for all things transcription and general office support. We’re dedicated to giving you creativity, professionalism, and knowledge.

Founded in 2005 by my daughter and I, Bynes Transcript and Typing Services has come a long way from its humble beginnings.

Bynes Transcript and Typing Services, formally called A Helping Hand Office Support Services was established in 2005. Our goal then was to assist start-ups and small businesses with general office support like data entry, word processing and other clerical tasks. It was challenging for us to explain the concept to small businesses that hiring and working with a ‘virtual assistant’ was not only efficient, but profitable. No one wanted to hear how working virtually could save thousands of dollars each year.

The concept of a person or a team working for a company from a different location scared most people as opposed to attracting them for future business. I can remember a conversation clearly as if it happened yesterday.

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