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With 16 years of business experience under our belt, we’re equipped with the skills to help you grow your business. During these down times, a lot of companies were forced to limit their hours of operation or worse, CLOSE. So, you may be saying to yourself, “yes, this is currently my situation.” If you’re a small business trying to stay afloat, request a quote today!

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General Transcriptions, Typing Services and Office Support


TIP 1:  If you’re experiencing some economic downturn, it’s suggested that you reach out to your clients or customers. COVID has impacted everyone’s life in some way. Check on your customers to see how they are doing. Make sure they have resources to get them through this outbreak. Use social media or traditional direct mailing to keep them updated on your business.
TIP 2:  Make sure your clients and customers can find you online. Online use has soared and we all know this is because we are stuck at home because of the pandemic.  Ramp up your online efforts to reach more people. Push out content and lots of it. This can be done through vehicles like blog posts, video ads and creating and hosting webinars.

TIP 3:  Revisit your marketing plan. Businesses change over time, so should your marketing plan. COVID has changed the business models of a lot of companies. Review your marketing plan to see what will work during these times and what will not.

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Save on operating costs by working with Bynes Transcript and Typing Services! Eliminate overhead by letting us run your back office. Your projects will always be completed on time by one of our Team Bynes specialist. We’ll also provide you with tip-top personalized customer support and advice to help your business grow.

Working with Bynes Transcript and Typing Services will allow you to focus on achieving the success your business deserves and earn the revenue you seek to grow your company.  Make an appointment with us for a FREE consultation. In that time, we will assess your areas of concern and design a system to streamline your office routine and increase efficiency, giving you more time to focus on your business goals.


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